DIY egg mask

What are the different types of DIY egg mask for hair?

The egg is generally a good protein issue source where this will help the root of your hair to get developed properly and also supply a lot of nutrition to the root of your hair. Applying egg to your hair will give a good shine as well as make your hair healthy and this is generally said to be as traditional hair care where many people will make use of them.

Some people will not be aware of the application process to get a clear idea about it you can make use of this article to know about what is DIY egg masks for hair and also the procedures on how to apply them.

How can you apply them?

hair careYou can apply this egg mask along with the essential oils that may even be olive oil, coconut oil, etc. Before you are playing them you need to collect all of these ingredients and mix them all and make them settle for some time. Then you have to apply them right from the root of your hair so that the root region will become stronger and also this will remove all the dull hair that is present in your hand.

When you apply eggs oiled hair you should not wash them immediately you have to make them settle on your head for about 30 minutes and you can even stand under the sunlight, which will work properly.

You can even treat this egg along with aloe Vera which is again a good nutritional source. Another way you can make use of banana, honey, almond oil, curd, Castor oil, and many more which is collectively mixed along with the egg yolk and you can apply them to your hair as a mask and make them settle.

After you feel like they got dry then you need to rinse your hair only in cold water. You will be able to find a lot of changes that your hair has taken. If you keep on doing them for about 3 weeks you’ll be able to find a lot of changes that your hair has taken and also the result for this kind of natural product will be in an immediate way where you will be able to enjoy a lot of benefits.

From the help of this article, you would have got some ideas on how to apply the egg mask to your hair and also with the combination of essential oils. Try them at your home and enjoy the advantages they give you.