Make photography easy and fun by learning from the pros, who demystify, simplify and clarify to help you take photographs that you love and continuously advance.

The Suburban Cowboys grew out of my strong visual arts background, having been a photographer for more years than I’d care to admit. I also love to show people how to take better pictures and found through my workshops ways to do that successfully. But I also found there is nothing better than hearing from the pros themselves about how to get great shots.

So I thought, why not do a show about how to get great shots from the pros themselves? And thus The Suburban Cowboys was born. We’re focused on following pros and having them SHOW you how to get those great shots, hence the name Advancing your photography — I want you to keep advancing every day.

We’re following Pros and asking them how they get their great shots and having them show you, so that you can go right out and use these tips yourself. Stay tuned for each episode and use what you’ve learned. But I also want to hear from you what you’d like us to cover so leave your comments or send me an email.